Vandenreich Invasion Arc is the ninth arc of the series and spans from Chapter 534 to 616. The arc details Vandenreich's invasion of Konohagakure.  It is preceded by Turn Back the Pendulum Arc and is followed by Fifth Shinobi World War Arc.


The TearingEdit

Unwanted VisitorsEdit

Back to OtogakureEdit

The BalanceEdit

Purge of the Fukyuu MushaEdit

Distress CallEdit

Destruction of KonohaEdit

Arrival of Special War PotentialEdit

The Tailed Beasts StolenEdit

Crow Sage ModeEdit

The Fundamental VirulenceEdit

Getsugakure's InterventionEdit

Yamamoto's RegretEdit

Captains vs. Fukyuu MushaEdit

Tenmu's DeathEdit

The CounterattackEdit

End of InvasionEdit

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