Twelve Gods of the Zodiac are the children of Haschwalch and Hahwa Otsutsuki. They are the guardians of the Twelve Dimensions and possess the spirits of the zodiac. Hagoromo Otsutsuki created the twelve hand signs using these gods as the motif.

Name Zodiac Spirit Dimension
Kannon Otsutsuki Rat Dimension 4
Kokuzo Otsutsuki Ox Dimension 1
Bishamonten Otsutsuki Tiger Dimension 8
Kaguya Otsutsuki Hare Dimension 7
Fugen Otsutsuki Dragon Dimension 11
Benzaiten Otsutsuki Snake Dimension 12
Inari Otsutsuki Horse Dimension 3
Dainichi Otsutsuki Ram Dimension 9
Sarutobi Otsutsuki Monkey Dimension 2
Fudo Otsutsuki Rooster Dimension 5
Inuzuka Otsutsuki Dog Dimension 6
Yamanaka Otsutsuki Boar Dimension 10
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