Fifth Shinobi World War Arc is the tenth arc of the series and spans from Chapter 617 to 761. The arc details the war between Vandenreich and the Shinobi Alliance.  It is preceded by Vandenreich Invasion Arc and is followed by Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.


Gyuki CapturedEdit

Gathering of the Five KageEdit

Orochimaru's BetrayalEdit

Preparations for WarEdit

The War BeginsEdit

Kisuke's StrategyEdit

The Battle At the CoastEdit

The Third SanninEdit

End of First DayEdit

Infiltration of the Medical CampEdit

Battle of Civilian HavenEdit

Silent Battles in the NightEdit

Madara vs. Five KageEdit

Kages of the PastEdit

Ulquiorra's QuestionEdit

Revenger Against Fukyuu MushaEdit

Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of MistEdit

Changing Tide of BattleEdit

Szayel Aporro's Trump CardsEdit

Six Paths of PainEdit

Raiding the Enemy FortressEdit

The Kages' Last StandEdit

Szayel Aporro's PastEdit

Tenmu vs. Tenji: The Decisive BattleEdit

The FireEdit

The Shinobi's FallEdit

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