Cosmo Entelecheia is an immense organization on a universal level created by Mage of the Beginnings.  The goal of the organization is to restore order in the universe by eliminating all of the deviants.



The Three EmperorsEdit

With the Mage of the Beginnings sealed by Tenmu Senju and Ala Rubra, the organization is headed by The Three Emperors. These Emperors each possesses power levels similar to Kaguya Otsutsuki's.

Dragon TrioEdit

The Dragon Trio are the main military strategists of the organization.


The Generals are the commanding officers of the organization, each commanding about 5,000,000 soldiers.  Each general has power level comparable to Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha.


The Sternritters are the elite warriors of Cosmo Entelecheia.  They each can command around 100,000 soldiers.  Each has power level comparable to a kage.


Cosmo Entelecheia has 4,500,000,000 soldiers.

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